About Me

Ujjawal Madan is a graduate student in Georgia Tech University’s MS in Analytics Program. Madan entered the Program in August 2020, and is currently on track to graduate and receive his Master of Science (MS) in Analytics degree in December 2021.

Madan’s path into Georgia Tech’s graduate-level Analytics program and - what looks to be - a promising data science career, is a bit unconventional, having begun not long after his acceptance into New York’s famed The Juilliard School.

An aspiring musician at the time, Ujjawal Majan had been fully committed to pursuing a career in music, specifically in an orchestral setting. He continued that pursuit throughout a successful undergraduate tenure at The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, where he completed his Bachelor of Music in Performance degree in May 2018 and began an internship in arts administration just several months later. Madan really enjoyed the music scene in Toronto and has sought it out when visiting and studying in other locations as well.

However, it wasn’t long after beginning this internship that Madan found himself working extensively with a talented Analytics team, particularly in the areas of trending, modeling and forecasting. Ujjawal Madan was quickly captivated by the potential and capability of analytics, not to mention its growing impact and role across nearly all industries, and soon thereafter began his transition into the exciting, evolving field of data science.

Madan completed his digital learning internship in May 2019, and accepted the role of Programmer Analyst with the Government of Ontario in August of that year. During his time in this role, while residing in Toronto, Madan also pursued his Professional Certificate in Data Science through Harvard University, completing nine Data Science courses and graduating with a 99% average in February 2020.

Following a year of work as the visualization and reporting specialist (Programmer Analyst) for the Ontario Student Assistance Program, Ujjawal Madan entered Georgia Tech’s MS in Analytics curriculum.

Technical Skill Set

Soon to complete his graduate-level tenure at Georgia Tech, Ujjawal Madan has demonstrated strong proficiency in a number of technical areas, including Python, Web Scraping, Power BI, HTML/CSS/JS, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and more. Madan also possesses a strong aptitude for analytical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication. Ujjawal Madan is open to relocating back to Toronto, Ontario after completing the program or any of the budding locations in the US with both a vibrant Tech and Music scene.


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