Ujjawal Madan and the Importance of Analytics

Ujjawal Madan

November 14, 2021

Ujjawal Madan and the Importance of Analytics

Ujjawal Madan has years of experience in dealing with analytics and has a vast knowledge of information to share with others on the topic. The first thing he wants people to understand is what analytics really means.

What are analytics?

Most people have heard the term analytics because it is used a lot, especially in movies, commercials, and in the media but many people do not know what the term actually means. It is defined as the discovery, interpretation, in even the communication of meaningful patterns when it comes to data. As it applies to marketing especially via the Internet it means that you use things like demographics and how many clicks you get on your website and where those users are located to decide upon marketing strategies in other things you need to focus on for your business.

Ujjawal Madan said That when it comes to measuring analytics, many people use Google Analytics for marketing research on the Internet. Most people use Google Analytics because it is a free platform that helps you measure your data to help you foster the growth of your business.

Ujjawal Maden says that most business owners and managers need to know and understand the differences between marketing analytics and web analytics. When it comes to web analytics, Ujjawal Madan says that it refers to metrics that are specific to your website like how many times your page was loaded, how much time each person spent on a certain page, and how many page views they had while on your website per each visit well marketing analytics focuses on things, such as overall traffic to your website, how many leads you got, how many of those leads converted into sales, what your sales funnel is, and more.

Both types of analytics are necessary to make the best decisions possible regarding your business and the importance of its presence on the Internet as well as its performance.

Reasons Analytics are Important

Ujjawal Madan says that there are many reasons why analytics are important but the main reason is that without them, marketing on the internet would be basically pointless. To grow a business properly, you need to make informed decisions when it comes to marketing and the only way to do that correctly is to use proper analytics, he said that otherwise you would just be wasting time and throwing things at the wall to see if anything sticks. Analytics guide you so that you know exactly what is working when it comes to your marketing techniques and what is not working.

Ujjawal Madan also says that by using analytics you can determine the effects of changes you make as your progress in the way you are marketing your products or services. He said that this is the best way to figure out how to improve and optimize all of your online marketing abilities so that your business will continue to grow and prosper.