Ujjawal Madan Lists Top South America Travel Tips

Ujjawal Madan

November 14, 2021

Ujjawal Madan Lists Top South America Travel Tips

The Best South American Travel Tips You Should Know, According to Ujjawal Madan

Boasting a diverse collection of urban and natural wonders from sprawling metropolises to snow-capped mountains, South America beckons to all travelers. Throughout the region, you will find endangered wildlife, insane parties, world cuisine, storied ruins, lush islands, and much more! As enchanting as the continent’s melting pot of cultures and illustrious past can be, visiting is often overwhelming for new visitors. If you are itching to find the best of South America, avid traveler Ujjawal Madan offers his tips!

Follow the Festivals

If one of your goals is to party in South America then always follow the iconic festivals, many of which are world-renowned. For instance, Brazil’s Carnival is the largest on Earth and is worth planning a trip around due to the ornate costumes, elaborate parades, and multi-day parties. Mendoza, Argentina also boasts a well-known festival called the National Grape Harvest Festival which boasts parades and lights, like Carnival.

Know Local Currencies

Unlike the United States, South America has a variety of currencies based on the country you are visiting, each with different exchange rates. While visiting, Ujjawal Madan advises to always use a reputable online currency converter since the rate drastically fluctuates.

Learn Local Phrases

Finding a few common phrases before you travel throughout South America will go a long way. If you are visiting Spanish-speaking countries then learning a few phrases that will help you get around town and simple manners will be helpful. In Brazil, note that the main language is Portuguese so learn a few essential words before embarking on your trip. Additionally, one helpful tool is to use Google Translate. While you should learn the basics of the native language, Google Translate can help you with more complicated words and sentences, especially while in public places.

Time Your Trip

As one of the world’s largest and most diverse continents, visiting different locations in South America differs based on the time of year. For instance, the best time to genuinely enjoy the iconic landscapes of Argentina and Chile is in the summer. However, if you want a crowd-free experience of Patagonia, visit during the spring and fall. For trips to the rainforest, Ujjawal Madan advises October and November are the best time since there is less rain and fewer crowds.

Understand Visa Guidelines

Every country in South America operates individual U.S. citizen visa regulations. Some countries offer open borders while others require detailed documentation. For instance, Brazil requires Americans to purchase a visa for $160 before leaving the U.S. Always consult the latest entry and exit requirements using the U.S. State Department website.

Ujjawal Madan notes that traveling to the continent can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You just need to do it safely and follow the above tips!