Why Music Is Good for You, According to Ujjawal Madan

Ujjawal Madan

September 13, 2021

Ujjawal Madan Why Music Is Good for You, According to

Ujjawal Madan Explains Why Music is Good for You

July 21, 2021, | Art and music are considered basic human functions whereby humankind and art are unable to function without one another. As a species, we have the desire to create, regardless of what the creation may be and how large. Furthermore, the interaction with creating or enjoying sound is unavoidable.

Throughout time, society has always found music to be a significant part of our lives for creating, performing, an emotional response or enjoyment. Music enthusiast Ujjawal Madan explains why music is good for humans and our souls.

First, regardless of which language you speak, music is the universal language that transcends words. Each year, thousands of individuals from different countries attend music festivals in locations where the native language is not their first. When the music is playing, everyone understands exactly what is coming from the speakers and they dance or sing along.

Second, Ujjawal Madan finds that music creates a specific ambiance that helps add to the overall experience. Try to imagine a party, a movie, or a sporting event without music. Sounds pretty dull.

Third, it has been scientifically proven that music enhances brain function. This is especially the case when performing school- or business-related tasks with music in the background. Also, when listening to music with a noisy background, it helps improve focus on the task at hand.

Fourth, one of the best aspects of music is it evokes emotion. If you want to feel happy then you listen to happy songs, and vice-versa. When you have a loss in your life, sometimes it is helpful to listen to sad songs.

Fifth, Ujjawal Madan finds that most music listeners instantly have visions of an environment that fits the specific musical number. This means that music allows your imagination to flow which is an excellent source of creativity and overall health.

Sixth, music is excellent for your memory since you are regularly remembering a vast number of lyrics to different songs with different rhythms and beats. The lyrics are much easier to remember than a recent article you read. Nursing homes have recently been using musical therapy to help the elderly remember the past, which they could not remember specific details without the assistance of music.

Seventh, Ujjawal Madan finds that music unites humanity. Whether at a nightclub, concert, or festival, individuals from different walks of life come together to enjoy the music. It is the societal equalizer where everyone is treated the same. Finally, it is simply a pleasure listening to music, regardless of your taste.

Ujjawal Madan implements music into his daily life which brightens his day and the day of those around him. Society needs to learn from the benefits and power of music to make it a better place for all.